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You were a tough year to me. The year I had to standby and watched my father been lowered into the grave in a white casket. The very man whose death affected almost everything about me. His death changed my philosophy. "If I could lost my father, who else or what else will I lost not?"

Funny as it may, this philosophy has walked down the darkest dungeon of life and love with me. They came and went their ways yet, I felt nothing!

Twasn't the kinda idea I orchestrated for miself but twas absolutely beyond my weak abilities.

Yes, I lost interest in some persons and at the same time, I met people too. Some of which had an immediate impact in my life.

I know we've shared memories but at some points, we had to watched these memories been washed away by erosion. Twas just a moment of twist and turn!

Fortunate would it be called if we've had a chance to raise a toast together. But it never gonna happen....yeah!

Dear Mom, thanks for your understanding and support all these years!

The strength to sailed through this turbulent sea of 2022 wouldn’t have come in handy if Abasi(God) didn’t give it all. Thanks for the abilities you did give, dear God.

At this end, I say thank you to everyone that came into my life, walked away due to my troubles, booed me while I toiled in my rags, spurs me to keep going and also believed/believe in me.

I love y'all!

May the celestials' light direct our path to a brighter 2023!

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