Daniel Esu
3 min readSep 11, 2022



According to Oxford Dictionary, religion is seen as: “action or conduct indicating belief in, obedience to, and reverence for a god, gods, or similar superhuman power." While on the contrary, Karl Marx states it as: "religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature... a protest against real suffering... it is the opium of the people... the illusory sun which revolves around man for as long as he does not evolve around himself."

From the definitions above, it has been seen clearly that in our quests to defend our religious beliefs, we’ve in turn made ourselves slaves to it!

In the present day state, religion as been deployed differently. The self acclaimed God-fearing Christians believes they’re more humane than others; while the Muhammad faithfuls thinks they’re more coordinated, united and generally acceptable. This has in return created unwelcomed scences globally.

The Muslims often used whatever means to defend their religion: fight, murder, etc believing they’re working collectively for Muhammad. The Christians, are with little or no violence. They believed supernatural being(God) shouldn’t be fought for. Hence the reconcile to the thought that God will surely fight his battles but hate and other vices has been deployed by them as tools against their counterparts.

Different religions have its own beliefs too. All these beliefs come with its own principles and tenets. Some which are interpreted differently.

They’ve succeeded in dividing humans into factions. They’ve create enmity amongst men.

Cases of religion crisis is been reported everyday around the world.

How do we stop this? How did we get here? These and more question marks are been raised yet no answers.

If Christianity is love, why do we hate one another? Why do we segregate people who aren’t from our state, tribe or whatsoever? And yet we say we love ourselves? If too the Islam is peace, why are we fighting for Muhammad? Why do we burn or kill people just to make a statement on how much we value our dear Allah and his messenger Muhammad? Isn’t it a clear indication that we’re both defending religion wrongly? Isn’t it more displeasing to know that each religion contents great scholars and craftsmen? If formal education and modern day civilization doesn’t effect a change on our mentality and how we view religion, what else will? NOTHING!!!

Our society has been polluted by not just religion but those practicing them. They viewed religion differently and have done terribly wrong in their pursuit to show how faithful they are.

Our world will be more better if we forsake religion and accept that we both need each other to grow. If we claim we’re practicing love(God) let’s love one another and if we say we’re for peace(Muhammad), let’s create a peaceful environment for ourselves where other religions and those practicing them can coexist.

We should accept one another and make the world a peaceful and loving planet to live in. Religion should be used to reemphasize the love of God and as well as the peaceful environment surrounding Muhammad.

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